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OpenInvest Sarto Advisory

A new partnership will provide access to affordable investment services for young Australian investors.

Investment platform OpenInvest has announced a partnership with Sydney-based wealth management firm Sarto Advisory with the goal of providing younger Australians access to affordable, professional investing.

Developed in collaboration with OpenInvest, the online investing solution Sarto Invest will offer access to the firm’s Growth Portfolio with a minimum investment amount of $25,000. The partnership comes on the back of the deal it struck with Meezan Wealth Management providing an an avenue for Islamic investors on the investment platform.

OpenInvest head of distribution Ravi Verma said the Melbourne-based platform was pleased to be partnering with a firm that offered investment flexibility to the next generation of Australian investors.

“This is a very clear global trend; in every developed market well-run and strategic wealth management firms are not waiting for the next generation to inherit before turning up to pitch them with their traditional, face-to-face service model,” Verma said.

“Instead, they have an offering for every type of client, no matter where they are in their life-stage. These progressive firms are essentially saying: ‘You can engage with us in the way you want and change that over time as you see fit.’”

Sarto founder and investment adviser Hamish Foletta said the platform was developed in response to demand from younger investors who often find the high upfront costs of professional investment services prohibitive to starting their investment journeys.

“Like all boutique wealth managers, we are limited in the number and type of clients we can take on. The economics of the industry mean we all focus on high net worth clients and yet all Australians deserve access to the benefits that professional investing can bring,” Foletta said.

“By using technology to scale delivery of our intellectual property we can cost-effectively help an entirely new audience of clients, including those in the early stages of their wealth-building journeys.”

The Sarto Invest Growth Portfolio invests in Australian Securities Exchange-listed securities, but plans to include additional model portfolios in the near future.


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