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OpenInvest has signed its first new partnership for 2023, joining with a Sydney-based firm to launch a digital investment service with thematic portfolios.

OpenInvest has announced its first partner signing for the year, joining with Sydney-based Investor Desk to launch a digital investment service offering professionally managed thematic portfolios.

Investor Desk director Vijay Raj acknowledged the increased volatility of the current market highlighted the importance of a long-term investment mindset and accessing professional portfolio management, and under the new offering clients will have access to these at low cost.

“Our six portfolios meet rising client demand for a long-term professional investment solution, employing modern technology to give clients greater transparency,” Raj said.

“The minimum investment to get started is only $2000 as we believe this entry level is ideal for prospective clients during any point of their investing journey.”

Investor Desk investment committee member and Banyantree Investment Group director Max Riaz said the thematic approach would enable clients to capitalise on key industry trends across the global economy.

“Each of our portfolios is designed for different themes, varying from an income-based portfolio to an ESG (environmental, social and governance) portfolio. The unique nature of these thematic portfolios allows clients the choice of the theme and asset allocation which best meets their preference,” Riaz explained.

Under the collaboration between the two parties, OpenInvest will provide the online platform for investors to track their investment position, transfer additional money and make withdrawals at their discretion, while the Investor Desk investment committee will manage each portfolio and instruct OpenInvest on what to buy and sell on behalf of every investor.

According to Raj Investor Desk considers transparency a key pillar of the investment service and so regular updates will be provided to clients to explain any changes made to holdings, alongside reports, videos and podcasts to equip them to make more informed investment decisions.


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