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Smstrusteenews was introduced to the consumer market in 2014 to provide the 1 million-plus SMSF members with editorial content specifically tailored for their needs. The publication is the only one of its kind designed to cater purely for the information relevant to SMSF trustees.

The newsletter is distributed monthly in both hardcopy and electronic form and gives SMSF trustees a cross section of information featuring the latest compliance news, investment updates and strategy considerations individuals need to allow them manage their retirement savings in the most prudent manner possible. Most importantly, smstrusteenews gives its audience access to news and developments not easily obtained.

The content produced by smstrusteenews has been well received among its readership as the following testimonial from 2017 indicates:

“Congratulations Darin, your article ‘Stop the loathing’ was spot on. Our SMSF has been plodding along for 12 years in pension phase at an average return of 7.6 per cent per annum based on a purchase price of $450,000. Costs are only auditing (about $450) and an ATO fee, variable over the years. But the feeling of control and leaning about investment options and knowing what we are invested in (only ASX and term deposits) is great mental activity for a couple who were not involved in the financial sector before retirement. Keep up the good work.”

The print medium is complemented by video content consisting of interviews with the most influential people in the SMSF sector and financial services industry.

To reinforce the topics and themes covered by smstrusteenews, the masthead also hosts the annual SMSF Trustee Empowerment Day involving a full day of presentations from industry experts regarding investments, compliance and strategy.

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selfmanagedsuper is the definitive publication covering Australia’s SMSF sector. It uniquely offers both online and print publications tailored separately for SMSF professionals and individual trustees participating in the fastest growing and largest sector of the superannuation industry. As such, it is a must read for those wanting to stay informed about the latest news, regulatory developments, technical strategies, investments, compliance, legal and administration issues concerning SMSFs.

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