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ATO updates messaging provider list

ATO messaging providers

The register of SMSF messaging service providers that can facilitate transactions using SuperStream has been updated by the ATO.

The ATO has updated its register of SMSF messaging service providers that can facilitate transactions via the use of SuperStream by giving their users an electronic service address, with only 15 available options now for trustees.

When last revised in November 2021 the list contained 16 service providers, however, original participant SMSF Dataflow is now no longer included.

Further, in November Australia Post was classified as a work in progress due to the fact it was only able to process contributions via SuperStream at the time. SMSF trustees can now use Australia Post for both contributions and fund rollovers.

No other noticeable changes to the register have been made.

The regulator reiterated the purpose of providing the register as part of the update.

“We do not recommend or endorse any of the listed SMSF messaging service providers. We are providing this register for your information, subject to terms and conditions,” the ATO said on its website.

It also alerted trustees to the logistical practicalities of using the list.

“As these links connect to external websites, the internet browser you use may affect your ability to access them,” it warned.

As part of the register’s terms and conditions, the ATO also stressed the degree of accuracy involved.

“While we will take all reasonable care to ensure information provided via the register is accurate, subsequent changes in circumstances may occur at any time and may affect the accuracy of the information,” it said.

“We do not provide any warranty, make any representation as to, or accept responsibility for, the accuracy, correctness, reliability, timeliness or completeness, now or in the future, of any information provided via the register.”

It also said the commissioner of taxation reserves the right to remove or modify a service provider’s details at any time.

The original register included only six organisations facilitating SuperStream transactions.


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