Colchester fund gets ‘recommended’ rating

colchester zenith rating

Research house Zenith has awarded the Colchester Emerging Markets Bond Fund a ‘recommended’ rating

Global sovereign bond manager Colchester Global Investors has had its Emerging Markets Bond Fund awarded a ‘recommended’ rating by research house Zenith.

The rating was based on the manager’s ability to outperform the market in a variety of market conditions, the research house said.

“Colchester has a 10-year track record that demonstrates our ability to meet our objectives in emerging markets, our institutional clients have been increasingly allocating to this sector and have provided a cornerstone investment into our fund. Intermediaries have also voiced their interest and we’re now pleased to have the fund rated and accessible on platforms,” Colchester Head of Distribution for Australia Angela MacPherson said.

“Our fund is not a substitute for developed market sovereign bonds; however, it does offer attractive income, diversification and return characteristics, she explained.

“Relative to credit and hedge funds it can offer a liquid and simple alternative that may also have lower default risk; after all local currency emerging markets, as governments, can tax and print money which corporates cannot.”

The manager was quick to allay investor fears that emerging markets are highly volatile saying those characteristics are no longer prevalent today and particularly not in the regions in which Colchester chooses to invest.

Further the global sovereign bond manager said its portfolio only has allocations to emerging market countries with prudent government and fiscal policies, and improved balance sheets. These countries also have restrained inflation in their economies and adopted flexible exchange rates, and achieved current account deficits.

Access to the Colchester Emerging Markets Bond Fund can currently be achieved via the Netwealth, HUB24, and Ausmaq investment platforms.


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