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Rating upgrade for Pan-Tribal fund

Research house Zenith Investment Partners has upgraded the rating awarded to the Pan-Tribal Global Equity Fund to highly recommended.

According to Zenith, the improved assessment of the offering was based on the high regard it has for the manager’s investment team.

“Our conviction in the fund is underpinned by the high regard we hold for the depth and quality of the investment team,” the research house said.

Zenith singled out portfolio manager Daton Goei as one of the investment team’s strengths, rating him as a strong investor with an impressive long-term track record.

With regard to the rest of the investment team, the researcher said it “considers them to be collectively highly qualified and impressive, providing the fund with a key competitive advantage”.

The Pan-Tribal Global Equity Fund is a style-neutral, currency unhedged and benchmark unaware offering managed by New York-based Davis Advisors.

Zenith said it holds a positive view towards Davis Advisors and its investing process. The research house added Davis Advisors’ style-neutral approach provided the opportunity for the manager to achieve outperformance in both rising and falling markets.

Commenting on the rating upgrade, Pan-Tribal chief executive Colin Woods said the appointment of Davis Advisors had paid off.

“We undertook significant due diligence before appointing Davis Advisors to manage the Pan-Tribal Global Equity Fund; this ratings upgrade supports our belief in the Davis discipline,” Woods said.

“It’s a great result for the advisers and investors who have supported the Pan-Tribal Global Equity Fund over the past four years.”


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