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AMP Capital joins mFund

AMP Capital has opened up channels for self-directed investors to diversify their portfolios by making six of its funds available through the Australian Securities Exchange’s (ASX) mFund Settlement Service.

The funds, launched on mFund earlier in the month, would provide self-directed investors access to investment opportunities which had previously been difficult to access, AMP Capital head of self-managed superannuation funds Tim Keegan said. “The primary reason [for adding these funds to mFund] is to make it easier for SMSF and self-directed investors to diversify their portfolios and have access to asset classes [that are otherwise] difficult to reach,” Keegan told selfmanagedsuper.

“The six [funds] we have launched provide some really fabulous opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios. [We’re] confident that there’ll be traction with these funds.”

The six AMP Capital funds chosen to join mFund had resonated well with the SMSF sector in the past 12 months, he said.

“The funds offer benefits such as capital growth, steady income and international diversification and allow investors to take advantage of major investment themes such as infrastructure,” he said.

AMP Capital’s involvement in mFund brought the number of partners connected to mFund to 10 issuers, representing 70 funds and 23 fund managers, as well as nine distributors and nine registrar service providers, the ASX said.

“I certainly think that it’s great to see those nine broker firms jumping on board and as investors come to know about mFund there will be more demand,” Keegan said.

AMP Capital would add more funds in response to client demand later in 2015, he added.

ASX managed investment services manager Ian Irvine said mFund momentum had picked up in the past couple of months following the completion of a range of educational seminars for investors and advisers.

“The funds that AMP Capital bring to the mFund service deepen the range of investment solutions available to retail investors through ASX,” Irvine said.

“We look forward to strengthening the ‘investment supermarket’ we are building for investors with the continued cooperation and commitment from our mFund foundation members in 2015.”

The AMP Capital products now available on mFund are the Corporate Bonds Fund, Global Listed Infrastructure Fund (unhedged), Global Property Securities Fund, Income Generator, Equity Income Fund and Multi-Asset Fund.


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